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Dreamer, Entrepreneur, Internet Developer, Designer and Cloud Specialist.

Here you will find thoughts, passions, projects and more. Be forewarned. It is a lot about me.

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I read but I want to read more. I review the books here and keeping this log helps me to accomplish one of my goals. Perhaps you can get something out of it as well.

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Videos, music, pictures and random Internet craziness. The only rule is that I find it worth my time and therefore hopefully yours.

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Don't just believe...

»We should look to see what's true and what may not be true, once you start doubting ...which I think, to me, is a very fundamental part of my soul is to doubt and to ask, when you doubt and ask it gets a little harder to believe.« Richard Feynman.

»We're all just walking each other home.« Ram Dass.

I woke up very early one fall morning and was met with the above view. I was lucky enough to capture it with my iPhone camera.

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